Fun Run Signup Sheet

2017 Fun Run Results

1st Place Jackson Pratt   time 51:44
2nd       Broadie Redding      59:30
3rd       Mandy Ashcroft       59:40
4th       Ryan Tobler          103:40
5th       Ian Porter           105.50
Thane Sleight
6th       Hunter Elm           107:00
7th       Landon Jones         108:10
8th       Bill Francs          108:45   64 years old.
9th       Corban Helm          109:00
10th     Gabe Bush            111:00

We had 97 participate between the walkers and the runners. Congratulations to all who finished!

 Entry Form:

Entry fee is $15/participant, which includes T-shirt and breakfast with the City of Paris.

Race Time is &:00am for walkers and 8:00am for runners July 4, 2017.


Starting place is KVSI RADIO. Distance is approximately 8.6 miles to Paris. Run/walkon left side of road against traffic. There will be an aid station at Ovid, at about the 4 mile mark.

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