Area Attractions


Bear Lake

The crown jewel is Bear Lake, a large scenic lake often called "Caribbean of the Rockies" for its intense turquoise blue water. As visitors catch their first glimpse of the lake, they marvel at its color and wonder what makes the lake so blue. Sitting on one of its many white, sandy beaches, you can imagine yourself on your own little island.

Lava Hot Springs

For years people have gathered at the springs to bathe, rest and worship. Many people believe that there are curative properties associated with the hot mineral water and refer to the Springs as "the healing waters" It is rumored that long ago the Springs were neutral ground and shared in peace by all.



The National Oregon/California Trail Center is located within the beautiful Bear Lake Valley of Southeastern Idaho and situated on thehistoric site of the original Oregon Trail.

The Trail Center was built to preserve, perpetuate and promote the pioneer history and heritage of the Oregon/California Trail and the Bear Lake Valley.

Montpelier, Idaho

Montpelier has a rich history and is part of Bear Lake County in Southeastern Idaho.  Mormon Pioneers first put Montpelier on the map when they came to settle the area; their hardy perseverance paved the way for the residents that live here today.  The city became a stop on the Oregon Trail and has since hosted robust farmers and ranchers, the railroad, phosphate mines and other forms of industry.


The town of approximately 2500 people retains its small-town feel while providing many valuable and enriching opportunities and experiences.  The outdoors–hunting, fishing, skiing, snow machining, camping, hiking and many many more opportunities lie within just minutes of the city, including beautiful Bear Lake.   There is something here for everyone!


U.S. Routes 89 and 30 intersect in Montpelier, and many travelers enjoy stopping to take in the museums, eat delicious food, or experience any of the many activities that take place throughout the year.  Montpelier is a wonderful place to visit, and a great place to live!  Come see us!